Allied Irish Banks is offering a great deal to help in covering your mortgage or other costs – The lender is offering to pay €2,000 straight into any current account used to pay your mortgage (within 2 months), when you switch your mortgage to AIB. Even if that current account is with another bank.

If you do choose to have your current account with AIB however, the bank’s personal mortgage customers do not pay transaction or maintenance fees on their AIB current account when setting up a direct debit to pay a mortgage on the home they live in.


Why Switch to AIB?

Why would you want to go to all that effort of paperwork, solicitors, and banks? Well, it could mean substantial savings on your monthly repayments or even reducing the time left on your mortgage; which all means more money in your pocket.

You can talk to one of AIB’s Mortgage Experts about switching your mortgage. They can take you through the bank’s fixed and variable interest rates and work out exactly how much you could save by switching your mortgage to AIB.

Bear in mind though, your payments must be up to date and your mortgage needs to have some equity in it, which means the balance is less than the value of the house. If you have a tracker mortgage with another mortgage provider, you will lose it when you switch, which is important to consider before switching. We recommend that you also speak to an independent financial advisor before you make the switch.

AIB does offer an online Switcher Calculator to find out how much you could potentially save. There is also helpful, independent information about switching mortgages on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s website.


How Do I Get Started?

Drop into your local AIB branch, or make an appointment on thier website, where you can speak with one of their Mortgage Experts.

You do not need any documents or a deposit saved to chat to an expert. The bank’s advisors will make sure you are on the right track by helping to plan to get your deposit and requisite paperwork together. If you cannot make it to a branch due to Covid-19 or other reasons, an AIB advisor can come to meet you.