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Common goal – promotion of Wicklow

Wicklow Town is buzzing with life and is host to an amazing community that constantly brings modern business ideas, projects and events to the town, while retaining and supporting existing business as well as our cultural heritage and history.

We’re truly proud of where we live, and we all have the common goal of shouting that from the rooftops, that this seaside town is a special one, where people from all walks of life can come to live, work and shop.

The Wicklow Town & District Chamber of Commerce is a collective of members that embody that community spirit and wish to help promote and advance the town’s economy where possible.

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What we do for promotion

We encourage people to shop and support local first where possible. We do this through year-round and seasonal advertising campaigns with key media outlets and organisations.


Act as a united voice for the ongoing promotion of a strong business environment and the creation of local employment opportunities.


Promotion and support of business, cultural and individual endeavours through our social media channels and Chamber Networks.

Thinking About Joining?

Wicklow Town Heritage Trail

The Wicklow Town Heritage Trail covers our town’s history from the arrival of St. Patrick in 432 up to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922. Learn about the coming of Christianity with the Town’s change of name to Cill Mhantáin (The Church of Manntan) and the arrival here of the Vikings with the result that the town became known as Wicklow.

 Learn about the Normans, whose arrival here in the late 12th century, saw the construction of the Black Castle. Hear about the conflict between the Anglo-Normans and the native Wicklow clans which led to the destruction of the castle in 1645. Following the Penal Laws, Wicklow Gaol was constructed (1702-10) and was a busy overcrowded place in the aftermath of the 1798 Rebellion and the Great Famine (1845-’50).

The 19th century saw a huge growth in the development of the town we have today. During this time Wicklow’s most famous son, Captain Robert Halpin, became famous worldwide for his part in laying the Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable in 1866.

The early part of the 20th century saw Ireland win its fight for political independence.

Today Wicklow Town welcomes all our visitors, we hope you will enjoy our beautiful coastline, as you follow your footsteps through Wicklow’s past. Enjoy the friendliness of our people and visit our family-owned, award-winning shops, hospitable restaurants and pubs as you follow Wicklow Town’s Heritage Trail.