€5 Wicklow Town Gift Voucher (€0.32 Admin Fee)

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€5 Wicklow Town Gift Voucher (€0.32 Admin Fee)


What are Wicklow Town Vouchers?

  • Wicklow Town Vouchers are issued by the Chamber of Commerce office in the Enterprise Centre and are a retail shopping initiative.
  • They are available in denominations of €5, €10, €20 and €50.
  • You do not need to be a chamber member to participate in the scheme.
  • All vouchers that need to be posted after the 10th of December needs to be posted by register post as we cannot guarantee it will arrive on time.
Wicklow Town Vouchers: Participating Shops
Vouchers can be purchased from Bridge Street Books, Connolly’s Menswear and from the Chamber of Commerce Office in Wicklow Enterprise Centre.

How Do the Vouchers Work

  • Purchased from Wicklow Chamber office in Wicklow Enterprise Centre, Bridge Street Books or Connolly’s Menswear.

  • Can be used for gifts and employee bonuses.

  • List of participating shops is on the Chamber website.

  • Participating shops will also have a door/Window sticker.

  • Cash refunds will not be given on a balance; a Wicklow Town Voucher will be issued by the shop for the due amount.

  • We would encourage shops to give cash change on small balances.

Retailer’s Role

  • Inform staff about the Wicklow Town Vouchers being in circulation.

  • Inform staff of procedures.

  • Free to fully paid up members of the Chamber.

  • Non Chamber Members will be charged 5% commission rate on redemption of Wicklow Town Vouchers

Benefits to Retailers

  • Local scheme and keeps trade in Wicklow Town.

  • NO COMMISSION for chamber members

Benefits to Voucher Recipients

  • Wicklow Town Vouchers can be spent in numerous premises throughout Wicklow Town and surrounding areas, including Redcross and Ashford.

  • Easy to use.

  • An attractive gift.

  • Free to purchase and spend

  • No expiry date

  • No maintenance costs

  • Local scheme which keeps money in the local economy and supports local business

Benefits for Employers

  • Wicklow Town Vouchers can be purchased for employee bonuses, gifts, prizes etc.

  • Tax efficient – first €500.00 is Tax-free

  • Wicklow Town Vouchers can be ordered in bulk.

  • Keeps trade local.

Under the current revenue rules, employer’s are permitted to give up to €500 worth of vouchers in total to every employee without any tax implications for either,. i.e. the employee can accept vouchers without incurring PAYE/PRSI or BIK.  The employer is not liable for PRSI and is not obliged to gross up the payment to allow for PAYE. Also if the voucher is treated as a bonus or part thereof, it can be claimed as a business expense. The only obligation on the employer is to keep a record of employee’s to which vouchers are issued.

Benefits to Wickow Town


Enhances business spirit/business community.
Avoids leakage to neighbouring towns.
Bridgewater shopping centre.
Dundrum shopping centre.
Reduces dependence on ONE4ALL vouchers which are not generally accepted locally due to high costs incurred.

Retailers can sell the vouchers also

  • Any retailer who is a Chamber member can sell the Wicklow Town Vouchers

  • A retailer can purchase the Wicklow Town Vouchers from the Chamber office in Wicklow Enterprise Centre,

  • Full details available from the Chamber office.

  • Connolly’s Menswear and Bridge Street books also sell the Wicklow Town Vouchers.

Terms & Conditions

  • No commission will be charged to participating chamber members and 5% commission to non chamber members.
  • Wicklow Town Vouchers can be used in participating outlets (see list attached)
  • Participating outlets may change from time to time, an updated list can be found on the chamber website, wicklowchamber.ie
  • Wicklow Chamber & participating outlets will accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged Wicklow Town Vouchers.
  • Wicklow Town Vouchers may not be exchanged for cash.
  • A Wicklow Town Voucher should be issued by a shop where the remaining balance on a voucher exceeds €5.00.
  • Shops wishing to sell Wicklow Town Vouchers must pay for them at the time of purchase from the Chamber /Enterprise Centre office.
  • Wicklow Town Vouchers being redeemed must be invalidated, i.e. large marker through the centre of the voucher ensuring it cannot be reused.
  • Wicklow Town Vouchers must be sent for redemption to the Chamber/Enterprise office.
    • Vouchers will be redeemed within a few days of receipt
    • Redemption form should be completed in full and returned
    • with invalidated vouchers in an envelope clearly marked “voucher redemption”.

Redemption Form

Download A Redemption Form in Word Document Form – Here

Download A Redemption Form in PDF Form – Here