The Wicklow Town and District Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website.

With a fast and stylish new look, this easy to navigate website hopes to provide news updates, articles of interest, a full member directory, a calendar of upcoming events, training information and an informative look at the history of the Wicklow Chamber including a list of past presidents all in a very user friendly fashion.

We are also delighted to be selling Wicklow Town Vouchers directly from our website. These vouchers are a fantastic initiative designed to promote local commerce and business and also making an excellent gift idea.

As we get off the ground we hope to publish a Member’s Spotlight every week or so highlighting a member with photos and promotion of their business.

We also have 3 integrated social media channels connected to our website so promotional and resharing opportunities are available.

We want to say a big Thank you to In Good Company for building this website and the hard work and dedication to perfecting it. We would be happy to hear any of your suggestions or comments. You can email us at with your thoughts.

We really hope you enjoy our new website

Wicklow Town and District Chamber