New guidance for workplaces has been published to reflect the recent relaxation of most public health measures.

The Transitional Protocol eases many requirements on businesses but says good practices should be maintained.

It is ten days since the Government announced the relaxation of most public health measures, and following engagement with business and unions it has published its latest guidance for workplaces with the requirement to work from home now gone.

So too is the need to maintain two metres social distance, to operate pods of six, or to collect contact details of people on a premises.

The wearing of face masks now only applies to certain settings such as healthcare, transport, retail and public offices and by those serving food and drink.

But it says wearing face masks is still good practice especially for those sharing work vehicles.

Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar said the document was designed to help, not to complicate.

Employers have been asked to maintain good infection control practices, keep a Covid-19 response plan in place and take into account the needs of high risk workers.

The guidance says specific sectors can introduce their own measures and that it remains crucial that anyone with symptoms isolates and tests.

It also says employers should start to develop or finalise their long-term plans for blended and remote work.

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