Increase Economic Development


A New Local Economic Initiative Group was set up by Pascal Burke in September 2016. The group was made up by members with considerable International and National business experience in Export, Trade Development, Commercial Development, Financial & Management Services, Tourism and Local Government. After many meetings, the group submitted a report called “Time to Kickstart Wicklow Town”.

The mission statement of the report is: “to maximise the business tourism and social potential of our area and to capitalise fully on the unique selling points of our location. The individuals who agreed to participate in the working group all live in Wicklow Town and share a strong common belief that this area has not developed to its full potential The objective of the group was to ensure that all the opportunities available to the area are explored and that we put in place a template to ensure that the overall objective of the group can be achieved in the short to medium term.

The following areas have been highlighted by The Local Economic Initiative Group as areas having the most potential to deliver a much needed economic and social injection.

• Wicklow Town Digital Strategy

• Greenway/Blueway • Park and Ride

• Wicklow Town Public Realm and enhancing the visual appearance of our Town

• Historic Town Status/Heritage Site

• Retail Survey

If you have not received a copy of this report and would like one, please contact the Chamber office on 0404 66433 or and we will send you out a copy.