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Customer Appreciation Weekend - December 5th & 6th

Customer Appreciation Weekend is almost upon us!

Following last year’s success we are delighted to announce the return of this initiative aimed to help promote local businesses while giving customers great savings!

Customer Appreciation Weekend is a 2 day event designed to reward loyal customers who have supported local businesses who have been badly affected by the lockdowns and restrictions. Following the numerous lockdowns many of our local retailers have had to endure, the Customer Appreciation Weekend also gives all retailers a perfect opportunity to maximise their retail potential this year and to encourage shoppers to Shop Locally this Christmas where social distancing can be much more easily practised than in larger urban areas.

How does it work? Participating retailers will have a Special Offer or discount on products for the weekend of December 5th &  6th. We will highlight and promote each participating retailer on our social media channels throughout this week with a final post on Friday with all.

This weekend is designed to benefit the customer and the retailer by maximising sales whilst also giving customers the savings they enjoy. At this time it’s crucial we all pull together and shop locally, support locally and keep our wonderful businesses open